Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Very, Very Tired

After a couple weeks last year I was aching for more sleep and wondering how it was at all possible that the teachers at the school didn't look like zombies. Going into the year I thought that working harder would do the trick when it came to planning and management. Incorrect.

Last year's journal quote:

At the end of the second week I'm experiencing am exhaustion I've never experienced before. It's worse than the semester in college during which I was averaging about four hours of sleep a night over the month leading up to finals week; worse than fourteen hour shifts at a short-order restaurant during which I tried to convince sixteen year-old potheads to clean coffee machines while at the same time being hounded by the elderly for more jelly packets they intended to steal.

I came home on Friday with the very real intention of drinking a bottle or two of wine to numb whatever I could feel. I made it through most of dinner and half a glass of wine and passed out with my head on my folding table and slept nearly through the night.

This year I'm a bit tired, but the reduced stress level and the fact that I'm not yelling at all in my classes has helped me keep from being fatigued. Last year I hit a level of exhaustion that wasn't healthy. While I'm pretty tired writing this right now, and a bit stressed out about getting everything done for this unit and for Friday, I know that I'll at least get something planned and that it will most likely go relatively well. Last year I was scrambling every waking hour to try to make my life at school better. That just made things worse.

Tonight's Wine: Charles Shaw Cabernet. I'm going out to Long Island again this weekend for a birthday wine tour, so I should pick up a few things that are a bit more interesting. The catch is that I need to drink more Charles Shaw to be able to afford those more interesting things.

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