Friday, October 9, 2009

Edwize and The New York Teacher

Every so often the UFT send out emails asking new teachers for stories about their experiences in the city. Last week one of these emails also asked for any blogs that had to do with this topic. I had a mind last spring to send them a few ideas, so this time around I said what the heck and sent the URL for On the Front Line with Wine.

The guy who coordinates (the UFT news website) replied and said he wanted to submit a couple of the posts to the editor of The New York Teacher for consideration as potential pieces to include in one of this month's editions. I believe this paper is circulated to most of the UFT's 200,00o members and at least 200 probably read it. Of those 200 I would predict that no less than 20 will stumble upon what I wrote and actually get through it. That would be cool.

The article being published in New York Teacher is my entry: First Year Mentors
It's on the main page of right as The Importance of Mentors.

This Ewize Coordinator also added this blog to the blog reel at way down on the right hand side under NYC Teachers.

Thanks to everyone reading!

Today's Wine: Luchado's Shiraz 2007. This is was all fruit. I actually drank it with the Trentatre Rosso in my last post. The blogger who writes The Blog Wine Cellar said that this was just another "out of whack Aussie fruit bomb." I thought that was interesting. After the Trentatre all I tasted was fruit with this one. I thought it was pretty good though.

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